The Wolf Action Group (Susiryhmä)

The Wolf Action Group from the Finnish Nature League focuses on promoting coexistence with wolves and other predators in Finland by sharing factual information with the general public about the importance of these species for the health of our ecosystems.

We organize lectures, school visits, public demonstrations and trail excursions, as well as help farmers with the installation of predator-proof electric fences in order to reduce the negative attitudes and unnecessary fear of predators.

Our mission is creating a society where the protection of biodiversity and the intrinsic value of animals are acknowledged and respected.

Wolf is strictly protected

In Finland the wolf is classified as a strictly protected and highly endangered species. In spite of this, wolves continue to be hunted legally and illegally and the Finnish wolf population remains stagnant and showing serious signs of inbreeding. 

 Nowadays there are multiple tools and proven preventive methods available for wolves and humans to peacefully coexist. The most important measures in wolf conservation are the protection of domestic animals and the keeping of the existing wolf packs intact. Only a coherent pack can succesfully hunt its natural prey such as elk and in doing so fulfill its essential role in nature.

Our work and activities are possible thanks to the invaluable support of our volunteers.

If you would like help the wolves, get in touch!